The Island of Currents is a small round shaped island of Sicily that separates the Ionian coast from the Gulf of Sicily, located in the municipality of Portopalo, extended for about 10,000 m2 with a maximum height of 4 m above sea level.
It is connected to the mainland by an artificial arm, destroyed several times by the waves. When the tide turns the island into a peninsula, it is the extreme south of the island of Sicily.
On the island stands a lighthouse, where decades ago housed the lighthouse keeper and his family, of rectangular shape, with a large square in front. The lighthouse is also in the process of decay, being abandoned for years.
Islet grows little flora, but there are plenty of wild leek seedlings, capers and other shrubs typical of the Mediterranean. The island is a popular tourist destination due to the presence of clay used as a cosmetic product for the skin. We feel also stressed that the abuse over the years is causing a deterioration of the landscape, so we do not recommend the use (We respect the territory).
Since 1987 the island has been included in the plan of the parks and nature reserves, for the presence of coastal vegetation with biocenosialofile and psammophilous relict.